Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Koch Billionaire Builds a Town - No People Allowed

Koch Billionaire Builds a Town - No People Allowed. Just employees and servants. Is this the Koch model for America?

The issue not what Koch's are allowed to do, we know as wealthy heirs, they do what they want. The question is; do we want these type of billionaire heirs controlling the destiny of our democracy? Do we want our tax dollars continued to be used to subsidize their wealth?

Do you think this is the fruits of capitalism and the free market? The Koch's are wealthy heirs, not capitalists. You have to keep your money out of politics and refuse government subsidies to be capitalists. The Koch's have done neither.

The Denver Post | By Nancy Lofholm

This view of Bill Koch's re-created Old West town is from a public road running across Bureau of Land Management land. Koch wants to acquire the public land in a trade for other property he owns in Colorado and Utah.(De von Meyers, Special to The Denver Post)

KEBLER PASS —There's a new town in Colorado. It has about 50 buildings, including a saloon, a church, a jail, a firehouse, a livery and a train station. Soon, it will have a mansion on a hill so the town's founder can look down on his creation.

But don't expect to move here — or even to visit.

This town is billionaire Bill Koch's fascination with the Old West rendered in bricks and mortar. It sits on a 420-acre meadow on his Bear Ranch below the Raggeds Wilderness Area in Gunnison County. It's an unpopulated, faux Western town that might boggle the mind of anyone who ever had a playhouse. Its full-size buildings come with polished brass and carved-mahogany details and are fronted with board sidewalks and
underpinned by a water-treatment system. A locked gate with guards screens who comes and goes.

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