Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Julian Koster: ‘The Traveling Imaginary’ becomes reality

Julain Koster’s The Music Tapes — an offspring of musical collective Elephant 6 — have conceived of an ambitious spectacle for their forthcoming tour supporting September 4th album Mary’s Voice, dubbing it,The Traveling Imaginary. Deemed by Koster as “a long-dreamt-of undertaking on a grander scale than anything we have ever done,” The Traveling Imaginary is a carnival-esque enclosure that will welcome concert-goers’ active participation with various amusements including “music, games, stories, [and] films.”

On August 21, Julian launched a Kickstarter campaign (video below) to fund the circus-inspired, dream venue and immediately snagged headlines with one incredible pledge reward in particular: his first-ever banjo which he famously played on Neutral Milk Hotel’s near-legendary, Aeroplane Over The Sea. Perhaps needless to say, Koster has raised over double his initial goal of $5000, and the campaign — currently powered by over 120 backers — is still going strong.

We caught up with Julian by phone yesterday to get more details on the impending reality that is The Traveling Imaginary.

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